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Erotic massage with relaxation in Kyiv

Massage with relaxation Kiev includes oil massage of the whole body with a special emphasis on intimate places. For many women and men, this is an extraordinary and touching experience. During such meetings, nothing ever happens, classes are held in an atmosphere of calm, trust and full respect for one’s own needs and personal boundaries.

The benefits of eromassage

Relax massage for men Kyiv has many features:

  • preceded by energy cleansing;
  • deep relaxation training
  • opening energy connections in the body to enhance sensation;
  • full acceptance of the gifts of massage.

The most complete experience of inner depth and transformation is achieved when the masseuse gives herself completely into the hands of the client and is fully open to receive and receive. You can also use several massage sessions at regular intervals – preferably every 2 weeks or once a month, because each subsequent massage penetrates deeper into the energy and opens up new levels of the soul, and the regularity of practice enhances the experience and consolidates the effect.


Massage with relaxation Kyiv is the art of healing. This is a type of deep body massage that uses various techniques, such as full body massage, buttocks, genitals.

The masseuse during the session uses her hands, knees, legs and feet and involves the entire body of the client in the work. Erotic massage for men helps relieve tension and increase flexibility and range of motion.

Also, for complete relaxation, you can use various accessories, for example: candles, aroma oils and more.

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