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Erotic massage for men in 4 hands

Erotic massage (essentially a group of sexual energy massages) is a complete reverence for the body, soul and senses, as well as an ancient temple practice that leads to the attainment and experience of divine perfection. It is a harmonious and complete union of spirituality with intimacy, body with consciousness and divinity with physicality. Perfect alignment of soul and heart in complete unity, presence, feeling and experience.

Massage in 4 hands Kiev is a discovery of oneself in a deep connection with one’s body, mind, soul and sexuality, the path to experiencing complete satisfaction and dissolution in sensual, joyful bliss.

This is the awakening and elevation of vital energy – sexual, spreading it throughout the body and pampering the soul at a very deep level of feelings, experiences and realization. The whole body is massaged – erotic massage in the traditional sense.

Features of eromassage

The massage ritual takes place on a spacious, comfortable mattress to provide comfort and relaxation for both the person being massaged and the girl doing the massage. The body is lubricated with warm natural oil with aromatic essences and massaged along the course of energy connections and the movement of energy in the body.

The best massage in Kyiv was created in times and communities where sexuality was respected, treated naturally and with great respect for the body.

Intimate massage – the most important benefits:

  • relieves tension and stress;
  • eliminates internal blockages in the body and mind, deeply relaxes the body;
  • opens and raises energy;
  • enhances sensitivity;
  • strengthens self-esteem and beauty;
  • rejuvenates the body.

Moreover, eromassage for men helps in making decisions, heals negative experiences, heals depression and fears.

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