Body Massage Light

Body Massage Light in the most modern salon

Body massage for men in the classical view is a procedure that subjugates the complete relaxation of the body with the help of tactile contact.

Massage features

In the salon of massage art, it is proposed to supplement the physical effect on the body:

  1. It has a beneficial effect on emotional relaxation and enhances it.
  2. Musical relaxation. The session will be accompanied by a leisurely background melody tuned in the right way.
  3. visual pleasure. In addition to relaxing massage, you will be able to contemplate unique show programs that will give you additional emotions.

Body massage Kyiv is a comprehensive and complete rest!

Rules for performing a relaxation massage for a man

High-quality relaxation at the session does not begin with the correct position of the guest’s hands and feet, but with the right emotional mood!

Technique for performing pain massage for a man:

  1. Rubbing the skin of the back with light superficial movements. The main goal of such manipulations is to improve blood circulation and relax muscles.
  2. Point impact with fingertips in the area from the coccyx to the cervical region. In this case, the touches should be rhythmic and have a circular character.
  3. Body massage. Here, relaxation is ensured by the ease of touch (sliding massage techniques throughout the body dominate).

Body massage salon Kyiv in addition to complete relaxation, a session performed is:

  • a way to restore men’s health;
  • increasing the sensitivity of the body, which will open up new types of sensations for you;
  • getting rid of stressful tension;
  • replenishment of energy reserves, restoration of strength and giving confidence.

In addition, by signing up for a body massage procedure, you can forget about time for a while and disconnect from the problems of the outside world!

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